What we do



We will bring to life your condominium, hotel, shopping mall, office complex, industrial plant or residential project with realistic details that will impress your clients and other stakeholders.

Site Plan

Site Plans

Huge area to cover? Complex terrain? We can always find the right scale to showcase your master plan and make it convey how new structures and features fit within the existing environment.


Take your model to the next level by having richly-detailed interiors featuring furniture, fixtures, decors and working lights. We can make the roof and some levels removable for added interactivity.


Museum Dioramas

Whether recreating engineering marvels from a thousand years ago or pastoral scenes from the early 1900s, we craft dioramas with the same meticulous attention to detail that will educate and inspire.

Design Prototypes

Refine your product ideas by having models that you can touch, feel and view from different perspectives. Let prototypes help you validate concepts, identify issues and generate improvements.

Special Replicas

Need a scaled down version of a famous sculpture for exhibition? Adding a rare 16th century galleon to your ship collection? Want detailed miniatures for a film? Tell us your vision and let’s realize it together.

Let’s bring your vision to reality.